Web Design

Our designs are custom tailored and modeled for all our customers, based on needs and most importantly purpose. Our approach is geared toward providing your potential clients with a sense of professionalism and trust.

Our design services encompass everything from the beginning overall concepts to custom graphics for individual pages. We have provided web design services in some of the following industries:

  • Security
  • Health
  • Technology
  • Consulting
  • Construction
  • Financial
  • Law
  • Non-Profit

Our custom designs are paired with our professional and SEO friendly web development.

Web Development

Paired with our custom web designs is our custom web development. Our developers custom code each website to be cross-browser compatible and SEO friendly.

Cross-Browser Compatibility
Every web browser is built differently and uses a different set of parameters to display websites. A professional developer will know these different parameters and develop your site accordingly. Our developers are trained and experienced with the many web browsers available. We make sure when your site is complete, it will render the same across all the major web browsers, operating systems and web monitors.

Search Engine Friendly Development
Apart from creating a custom website, we will develop your website using search engine friendly technologies and standards. SEO doesn't just involve creating rich and relevant content, the way the content is displayed makes a big difference.

Web Maintenance

What is web maintenance?
A website doesn't maintain or update itself. If you or your company want to stay up-to-date and current, updates to your website are going to be needed. As each day goes by, your content becomes older and outdated.

We know that a lot of the time you will either be too busy or won't know how to edit your website. Managing your website updates doesn't have to be a burden. We offer various maintenance packages and options to keep your site updated and fresh.

We offer monthly maintenance plans tha t fit all website sizes and needs. From minor edits, large edits, frequent edits to periodic edits. We provide you with a quick turn-around time so your site is updated promptly. Just email us your new or updated content and we’ll let you know when it’s completed.

{ Our Process }


  • * Research
  • * Consult / Meet
  • * Gather
  • * Feedback


  • * Initial Concept
  • * Feedback
  • * Revisions
  • * Final Approval


  • * HTML, PHP, JS
  • * CMS Integration
  • * Content
  • * Mobile Version


  • * Final Review
  • * Training
  • * Transfer

{ More Than Design }


If you are getting ready to launch a new website you will need a web host to store your files. We offer hosting options for all of our web design and development customers. We also provide hosting as part of our continuous (monthly) web design packages. Our web servers are very reliable and provide great speed, bandwidth and uptime.

We offer very competitive rates that not only include the hosting space but setup as well. When receiving a custom site from us, we coordinate all of your hosting and domain services. We don’t leave you out in the cold. We provide the opportunity for you to be hassle free. Just give us the domain of your choice, if available, we'll have your site up within 48 to 72 hours.

We assist with the transfer of files from one hosting company to ours at no extra cost. We can also provide assistance with domain pointing to our servers.


Over the past several years the use of mobile websites has increased dramatically; the demand for mobile options cannot be ignored.

If your business has an online presence you should consider having a mobile website to cater the increasing demand for mobile internet. When mobile internet users visit your website on a portable device they should have the same access and usability as desktop users.

Often websites will be overly complicated, long and design heavy to be viewed properly on mobile devices. We offer our customers mobile solutions, which will ensure a positive and efficient visit from their mobile users.


One of our many services includes developing custom websites using a content management system (CMS), which gives our customers the ability to manage their own content. We choose to code CMS websites using Wordpress, which is provides great flexibility and ease of use.

What is Wordpress?
Wordpress is the most popular and widely used content management system in the world. The open-source software is used by large corporations from CNN to MTV; as well as small business to manage their content.

We are able to customize Wordpress themes to your liking and also provide you with the ability to keep the site up-to-date and current.

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